Now Recruiting:

Adolescents Diagnosed with Diabetes
& Caretakers of Children with Diabetes

Participate in an Upcoming Usability Study

UserWise, a research consultancy, helps guide manufacturers in the design of safe and easy-to-use medical devices. We wish to involve more users, like yourself, in our research process. 

Usability Evaluation Details

Who can partcipate:
  • Adolescents aged 12-17 who have been diagnosed with T1DM (Type-1 Diabetes) or T2DM (Type-2 Diabetes)
  • Caregivers of children aged 2-11 who have been diagnosed with T1DM (Type 1 Diabetes)
August 18 – October 6, 2023

4.5-hours (including 1-hour break)

Sessions are being offered in San Jose, CA & Cambridge, MA


What happens during a usability evaluation: 
The usability study focuses on how users interact with the device and is not a clinical trial or a focus group. We ask healthcare providers to simulate using a novel medical device in as realistic a manner and setting as possible. We are not evaluating your skills, just how safe and easy to use the new medical device is. For more information, check out our Usability Evaluation FAQ.

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