How a plastic tube can reduce Covid-19 mortality rates

UserWise led NeVap’s Human Factors program to obtain FDA clearance for the NeVap breathing tube – here’s a message from NeVap’s founder:

“As many of you know, for the past few years, my company NeVap Inc has been making a breathing tube designed to keep breathing tube patients healthy and get them off the breathing machine faster. The device is FDA cleared and in use, in a handful of hospitals, but isn't widespread. We know today that our breathing tube works significantly better than anything else available today. A recent study at UCSF confirms that the tube removes infectious fluid with impunity and can keep patients healthy. These patients get off the breathing machine sooner. This has the added benefit of freeing up breathing machines so that more people can be helped.

Our tube is rapidly scalable. I have 5000 devices ready to be deployed and I have an order for another 20,000 on the way.

I need you to share this post, so that someone will look in this direction. We hope the CDC and government entities will at least inquire, but even one Critical Care Physician can save countless lives. I need help cutting through all the red tape and people who don’t understand what is coming. I can’t think of an easier way to save lives than to spread the word on the only multi-port subglottic suction endotracheal tube available.

Thank you,

Benjamin Wang MD”

︎ Shannon Clark | March 17, 2020

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