UserWise, LLC Launches its First eLearning Catalog

UserWise, LLC, a San Jose, California-based Human Factors consultancy for medical products, has launched its first catalog of certificated e-learning courses. 

The first set of trainings that UserWise released is Human Factors 101 and Moderating Usability Studies. The training introduces moderating by clearly defining a moderator's responsibilities in a usability study. Course attendees will learn how a moderator should prepare for a session, how to navigate through obstacles in a session, and how Human Factors plays a role in moderating.
Human Factors 101 is a prerequisite to Moderating Usability Studies and it will consist of the following modules:

1. Background and Introduction to Moderating Usability Studies
2. Overview of Bias
3. Summary and Key Takeaways

The course is tailored to Human Factors Engineers who are early in their career and medical device developers who want to understand how Human Factors can help in any stage of the design process. UserWise will offer this course at a special introductory price for a limited time.

We are confident that the moderator training will help establish best practices for usability study moderators and help record accurate data by reducing bias:

In my experience, user bias is the greatest threat to data validity in human factors/usability testing. The goal of this moderator training is to empower medical device developers to conduct usability testing without introducing user bias. We are excited to share UserWise secrets with the industry to ensure we all comply with FDA expectations for moderating usability testing.

This training is part of the onboarding process for UserWise's Human Factor Engineers. As a result of this training, UserWise has received positive feedback from their Human Factors Engineers.

UserWise Human Factors Engineer, Isha Dusseau, reflected on her training while designing a study:

The UserWise Moderator Training was an excellent resource to prepare me for moderating usability studies. The video examples of ways we might inadvertently introduce bias into a study as well as examples of how to avoid it were especially helpful for understanding the information and making it instantly applicable to the study I was designing.

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About UserWise, LLC: UserWise consultants have a track-record of offering Human Factors trainings worldwide, ranging from 1-hour lunch and learns in Washington D.C. to two-day seminars outlining the entire Usability Engineering Process in Uppsala, Sweden. Our mission is to inspire usability engineering best practices within medical device companies to facilitate the development of world-class medical devices. 

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