Voice Research Initiative Study

Congratulations! It looks like you are eligible to participate in the 15-minute phone-based COVID-19 study in exchange for a $50 Amazon gift card!

How to Complete the Study and Receive Your $50 Amazon Gift Card:
  1. Download the Voice Research Initiative (VRI) app on your mobile device, and upload two 30-second clips of your voice:

  2. Email your positive test result (photo or PDF) to the Soniphi VRI team at research@soniphi.com. Must include your name and date of test. This can also be uploaded directly in the VRI app.
  3. Request $50 Amazon Gift Card by emailing UserWise and letting us know you have completed steps 1 and 2 recruitment@userwiseconsulting.com.
  4. Get Paid!! UserWise will validate successful completion of the study and email you your gift card within 7 days.

Need Help? Feel free to email or call us anytime at (408) 216-2053 if you need help completing the study

Thanks again for your participation!

Also, thank you to any and all the essential workers who put their lives on the line during this time.

Please stay safe, stay home, stay healthy.

Video Instructions:

  1. Download the Voice Research Initiative (VRI) app to your mobile device.
  2. Sign up using one of the options provided in the app (for example, Sign Up with Facebook).
  3. Complete your user profile by selecting “Add new subject”.
  4. Add your first name, last name, and email to the proper fields.
  5. Read through and sign the informed consent form.
  6. Complete the subject profile. Please note that there might be a glitch when you select primary language and you might have to scroll down before it lets you select “English,” if that is your primary language.
  7. Complete the symptoms page and upload a copy/picture of your positive COVID-19 test results.
  8. Add a new recording under your subject name by pressing the record button at the bottom of the screen.
    NOTE: Record your voice on your smartphone in a QUIET area. If you are in your car, it cannot be running during recording. Speak naturally for 30 seconds about anything you like, without reading. The app software will analyze the harmonic patterns to identify COVID-19 or absence of COVID-19.
  9. Make at least TWO (2) recordings in the app to support COVID-19 research and detection.
  10. Email recruitment@userwiseconsulting.com to get your $50 Amazon gift card. (UserWise will need to verify your information with the app company, Soniphi. It may take up to 7 days to receive your gift card).

To confirm, You must meet the following criteria to participate in this study and receive compensation.

  • Tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks.
  • The test performed must be molecular (swab, mucus, saliva, nasal, etc). Antibody blood tests do not qualify for this study.
  • Both symptomatic and non-symptomatic individuals qualify

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