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UserWise is excited to offer a new library of online courses aimed at teaching human factors best practices, developing usability and clinical study skills, sharing industry expertise, and much more.

With UserWise University’s convenient online format, making time to learn is easy. Use course modules as markers to follow along at your own pace. When you’re ready again, easily pick-up where you left off.

UserWise courses are designed to allow course participants to develop skills quickly through a short series of comprehensive videos that include examples of real-life scenarios. Don’t wait, register and start expanding your human factors knowledge today!


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At least 5 years of experience in medical device, or similarly regulated, industry
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Human Factors 101
Introduction to Human Factors/Usabililty Engineering

This course introduces core concepts of human factors. Course attendees will learn key industry terms and build foundational knowledge of the human factors process as it applies to medical device development.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Human Factors, Key Guidance and Regulations, and overview of the Human Factors Engineering Process.

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